Types of PVC coatings


Adhesive flooring

PVC is available on the market in different versions : for example, it is possible to purchase adhesive flooring , which can be installed quickly and easily. You don’t need to be an expert designer to install PVC floors: you just need to have good dexterity luxury vinyl flooring in Hendersonville.

Multilayer vinyl or tiled floor

The multiplayer vinyl floor is presented in blades or squares that are placed side by side and interlocked with each other on the starting floor.

PVC is not only present in the multiplayer form, but also in tiles that recall the aesthetics of ceramic flooring, stoneware, wood and even carpet . PVC tiles guarantee excellent thermal and acoustic insulation-as well as beauty and definition in the textures.

The aesthetic result of PVC is really interesting. It is possible to choose from many colors on the market and give a personal and refined touch to the rooms. Thanks to its cheapness, you can choose to change the appearance of the rooms as you wish at any time you wish. You can opt for  wood-effect pvc floors , or delicate shades or even stronger and more decisive tones: vinyl is a multifaceted material and is available for sale in numerous textures and colors.

A low cost choice for the highly performing home . This type of coating has nothing to envy to more noble materials: it is very resistant to wear and water . In fact, it turns out to be an interesting choice to be adopted in more humid rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen.

Are you thinking about renovating your home , but don’t want to spend too much money? PVC  is  also cheap – it is in fact a solution that does not require demolition but it is sufficient to lay the new floor on top of the previous one.

It must be said that this type of coating is not particularly ecological and in addition the glue can be harmful. PVC is a plastic material whose manufacturing processes do not include green elements.

Choose safe and certified materials, with a low level of harmful emissions and recyclable. The building industry offers high quality vinyl floors that are not harmful to the environment.